Changing of the Guards History

Changing of the Guards History

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bishop fgbci2
Presiding Founder Bishop Paul Morton, of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International

It began over 20 years ago this great vision of Bishop Paul S. Morton giving Baptists “A Right to Choose” worship. Speaking in tongues, the laying on of hands, as well as introduction of bishops, elders and other denominational titles from the word of God, had not been made available among the traditional Southern Baptist Church policies. While many Baptist preachers were not open to accepting the change, there were a select few who partnered with Bishop Morton in founding the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

Bishop Morton is a trendsetter. His vision has always been to “change a generation by changing the way we do church.” In 1994, with more than 30,000 attendees, the first Full Gospel Conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome. Bishop Morton’s vision has since spread throughout the world and continues to gain momentum and support.

laying on of hands
Bishop Paul S. Morton founder of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International lays hands to impart a double anointing on the now Presiding Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III

On this past week, Bishop Morton relinquished his position as Presiding Bishop by passing the torch to Presiding Bishop-Elect Joseph Warren Walker III, the former Full Gospel Bishop of Senior Pastors and current Senior Pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. It was at the 2014 Full Gospel Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia, that Bishop Morton proclaimed Bishop Walker as his successor, “God’s man and God’s choice.” That proclamation has now been sealed.

the imbrace
Dr. Debra B. Morton wife embraces Bishop Paul S. Morton receiving his elevation as Presiding Founder of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International

The changing of the guard ceremony was bittersweet. On Thursday, July 16, 2015 during the noonday service there appeared not to be a dry eye in the arena of more then 20, 000 participants. Bishop Morton imparted blessings upon Bishop Walker as he passed the torch by giving him a double portion of his anointing to lead, guide, save souls and direct the Fellowship. During this special moment, hearts were sad yet glad because Morton is a man among men, a leader among leaders and a pastor among pastors. Bishop Morton has done what no other leader of a movement in the church has ever done, that is, to pass the torch while he yet lives to see and witness the next level of the vision…. SHIFT! History has just unfolded before our eyes. We can only imagine the great things God has in store for this great fellowship. Learn more about the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International at


bishop and co pastor
Dr. Debra B. Morton wife places the ring on Presiding Founder Bishop Paul S. Morton as part of his priestly garment.
bishop fgbci5
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