Faith Is Unnecessary

Faith Is Unnecessary

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Pastor Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International

He came under attack because he dared to believe the word of the Lord! Many were furious at the allegation that Pastor Creflo Dollar appealed to his members to help him raise funding for a brand new 65 million dollar private jet. Why were so many people upset? Why did it have such a negative connotation? How could he ask his members to give him that kind of money?

After making such a controversial you-tube video many thought it was in poor taste, and it was since taken down with this statement from the Board of Directors, “We fully acknowledge that the campaign video did not do a good job of communicating the request, and we apologize for any confusion it may have caused – it is in the process of being revamped and will be re-released when complete.” Read the Board of Directors full statement: Board of Directors Statement/Airplane Project.

Was Dollar’s faith unnecessary? Who gives him the right to believe that big? Who told him to ask others to help him? People say this faith of believing God for 65 million was unnecessary, but God said it was necessary to show the unbelievers His power if you only believe.

What Dollar has done in his request is no different than what Pastors do every Sunday from their pulpits. Churches have all kinds of fundraisers; from chicken dinners to selling Krispy Cream donuts. Many churches ask their congregation for pledges of $1,000 dollars a month. Notice that you do not see the media or cameras at these churches discussing their fundraisers.
We say faith is unnecessary when we fail to believe in God’s word, faith is unnecessary because we want to see it with our eyes, faith is unnecessary because we want to attach it to something that is tangible. Dollars request was necessary because he believed the word of the Lord to ask, and it shall be given, to seek and you will find, to knock and the doors will be opened on your behalf. His faith was necessary because he will now be able to reach souls in places many of us can’t go. His faith is necessary for the kingdom of God.

The fact is Pastor Dollar currently owns a private plane that is reported to be in poor condition. What is the problem with upgrading his private transportation if it is not properly functioning? Dollar has shown that he is a man who did not waiver but demonstrated the power of God, he stood on God’s word and it came to pass!

Many people would rather sit around talking about other scenarios that the 65 million dollars could have been used for i.e. Starting a school, opening of homeless shelters, help single and divorced mothers and the list can on. But God had commanded him to get another private jet for the sake of Gods Kingdom. Trust and believe when you stand up for the kingdom you will have critics, be criticized and ostracized by carnal mined people everywhere. This really is NOT about the 65 million dollars for the private jet, it’s about the amount of faith Dollar displayed that stirred the emotions of the which made them angry, and disagree, so according to your faith so be it unto you. God has dealt unto every man a measure of faith and he allows you to grow your faith…don’t be upset because you are still operating with your mustard seed faith and Pastor Dollar is operating with watermelon seed faith. Dollar is getting the desire of his heart fulfilled while others complain. God touched the heart of a gentleman from a foreign country to mail Dollar a check for 65 million dollars. Dollar trusted and believed and now he has received his private jet. Only believe that all things are possible if you only believe that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”.

You may say faith is unnecessary, but God says it’s necessary. Where is your 65 million dollar faith?

World Changers Church International (WCCI) is a Georgia-based 501c3 non-profit organization that was formed almost 30 years ago for one purpose – global Christian ministry. Doing business as Creflo Dollar Ministries (CDM) worldwide, the ministry has offices on every continent and is engaged in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, meeting the spiritual and physical needs of people everywhere and providing opportunities for people in challenging circumstances to build self-esteem and develop self-sufficiency.

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