Meet Pastor Jimmie Smith Effective Life Church (Conyers, GA)

Meet Pastor Jimmie Smith Effective Life Church (Conyers, GA)

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Pastor Jimmie Smith, wife (Davina) daughter (Megan Simone) Smith.


Atlanta, GA (Christian Reporters) – Good news! No more stressing, you can now lay your burdens down and get some effective lifestyles skills at the Effective Life Church in Conyers, Georgia. Meet Pastor Jimmie Smith born and raised in Buffalo, New York, resided in Nashville, Tennessee and in the past two and a half years is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. He is married to (Davina) Smith and has an adorable five-year-old daughter (Megan Simone Smith). Smith is also a Gospel Jazz instrumentalist recently endorsed by Hammond Organ/Suzuki Inc. Pastor Smith is passionate and has a heart for God’s people, he doesn’t see them as pew members but as family members. Pastor Smith says, his church has effective praise, effective worship, and the effective word.

We recently interviewed Pastor Smith, read what he had to say about the new and emerging church Effective Life and how it will impact the lives of people!

Interviewer – Thank you, Sir, for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us on this blessed morning. I want to talk to you about the new launch of your church and why Atlanta? (chuckle hahahah!)


Interviewer – What prompted you to come to Atlanta, GA to open a church?

Smith – With almost 100,000 churches, it feels like (hahaha!), but the Lord lead us here while ministry was still taking place in Nashville. I have been living in Atlanta for almost two and a half years. I was assisting my spiritual father in Nashville but I believe the season was up. I began to travel on a Thursday back and forth to Atlanta, God spoke to me to do a revival called “Ignite” and on those Thursday’s I would drive and bring my little girl she’s five, with me and sometimes my wife would come if she was not working. For three months every other Thursday, we would travel to Atlanta to the Salvation Army Worship Center on North Druid Hills five minutes from Buckhead.  I came to a city where no one knew me walking by faith and not by sight. The Lord was drawing me and I felt it was time for us to make a move. There are a lot of churches in Atlanta but not a lot of ministries. Let me tell you what I mean; there are a lot of people doing church but not a lot of pastors reaching out to the community to meet the needs of the people. That’s why we are here!

Interviewer – You named your church Effective Life Church, How did you come up with that name?

Smith – I am a PK (Preachers Kid) my father is a Pastor and Bishop and originally we are from Buffalo, New York. I began to look and see that people go to church and they expect to have this perfect life, but God gave me a revelation that life is not perfect but life can be effective! The word ‘effective’ means to get the desired results. You see, too many people are going to church but not getting any results, they are shouting, dancing, praising God, and going to the prophetic conferences standing in line sowing $100 and $1000 dollar seeds and not believing the word of God but they are believing the word of the prophet. I believe you must add action to your faith and faith to your actions to get results so the Effective Life Church is really about getting results through the word of God. It’s about stepping into action getting up and whatever direction the Lord wants you to go or send you in – you got to do something. We are the Effective Life Church, it may not be a perfect life, but it can be an effective life.

Interviewer – What is the mission of Effective Life Church?

Smith – Our mission is to get into the heart of the community and find those broken families. My wife and I are big on marriage and family when you see our graphics you will see me, my wife and daughter, that’s my effective life. I don’t ever want to lose my family over my ministry.  I want to minister to families that are about to break up,  going through something,  they may be in a place where their income is not there or they may be going through something at home, or in their marriage.  I want to let them know that nothing is perfect. I am a motivator, I push the word of God, and I preach faith so people can understand that they don’t have to give up when it is hard. You don’t have to become bitter you can become better. That’s my real mission is to give people hope!

Interviewer – Tell our readers how you feel about lifeless Churches?

Smith – You have a lot of people who are bitter and upset with the church because of the motives of a lot of the pastors these days. I believe what happens in the church in terms of the outcome in the spirit, it starts with the head we have a lot of pastors in the pulpit who are self-serving if you will, and they are not experiencing a true and real move of God because the motives and the intentions are really not about the people anymore. You have more people who are worshipping and praising the first families (the pastors and their wives) they are driving Bentleys and they are successful, but the people (congregation) are not getting the results they need. So my heart is to bless the people so the people can win. You see God’s going to bless me and my wife through multiple streams of income and working hard but at Effective Life I want to see the people win and I want there to be a real move of God.  I want to see them win when they leave out of the church service. They need to be inspired to make things happen, whatever needs to happen they can literally make it happen!

Interviewer – What or who has inspired your ministry inside or outside of Effective Life?

Smith – I would have to say it was growing up particularly in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and I am a COGIC baby and my father got saved at a COGIC church and I saw the good the bad and the ugly, I have seen the effective and the ineffective that inspired me.  I have a heart for people I love them and want to see them make it so, that kind of shaped me going through the ranks of the church.  I am also a musician as well, endorsed by the Hammond organ company. I have been with COGIC a long time and I have seen a lot from the pulpit to the organ seat.  I have seen people hurt, treated badly and I have seen them blessed. I seen people die and get old on a fixed income and never get to have what God promised them and somewhere along the way we been preaching but we have not been informing and giving people information to make their lives effective! There has to be a ,balance in giving some kind of information so people can have knowledge of what to do with their lives. Also, you can have an anointed service and you can spit bubbles and tear up the church that’s great and when you get through you have to know how to live this life.  So that is what inspired me being around different Bishops and Pastors I have seen it all.

Interviewer – Is your affiliation Church Of God In Christ?

Smith – Yes, I’m under the Church of God In Christ and I am not ashamed of that. Well,  I had a hard time with it because, I’m not really about denomination and at the same time I was born in the grand ole church you know they say you can’t join in you got to be born in but my focus is just effective life, as I said before we came here not knowing anybody we started the church from scratch and we were first at the hotel in Covington at 3:00pm we had some friends come in from their church when they got out and then we move to the Peachtree Academy and on Sunday mornings nobody was coming except me my wife and daughter, now we have people driving from Alpharetta, Douglassville and some driving an hour and thirty minutes and they do this because they sense something real in the ministry. I’m really not concerned about us being a denomination we are just Effective Life Church.

Interviewer- How large is your membership?

Smith – Well we are pushing close to 50 and we have only been in ministry for less than a year, as a matter of fact for the past two Sunday’s  20 new people joined the church and so that is pretty good and we are reaching people. Some people have been coming for a while and we love that because we believe in building relationship before membership a lot of people have been hurt so I don’t push them to join I even allow some people who have been coming consistently to operate in their gift and they are not members yet, that way you don’t feel like a number and you are only there to give tithe and offering there must be a connection and people want to be connected to the ministry and we are not a personality-driven church.  I can go on vacation this week and they will still come to church because they are coming for the effective life experience, not the Jimmie Smith experience. I want to build a real true culture so people can prosper and grow. I want to build a family!

Interviewer – How do you see Effective Life Church emerging in the next three years?

Smith – That is a good question and I like that word emerging, because I am connected to Bishop Joseph Walker out of Nashville, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him and he talked about emerging churches. So, in three years from now where do we want to be? We want to be totally saturated in the community!  I want to see us shutting down gas stations giving away free gas, giving away food, going into neighborhoods and finding out who need help and helping people who needs the help.  We have done our first Job Fair and we are only one year old, we want to get into the community to help families , marriages yes in three years we want to be bigger in size but the only way we can do that is to reach the heart of the community. And that’s what I want to see happen.

Interviewer – What future hopes and dreams do you have for Effective Life Church?

Smith – Well my thought is and this may be a little unorthodox but my thought is to build, you know how I envision i, see when you join a membership base organization like a gym or any other membership program there are some perks that you get so, how I envision our emerging church that we will be not just a church but a place when a person joins we can find out;

1. Where are you now?

2. What are their dreams?

3. What are their goals?

4. Where do they want to be in 6 months?

5. Where do they want to be a year from now?

I want to have an infrastructure built so to the point that when they join the ministry we help them make it happen whatever that is, if it’s losing weight, starting a business, getting more clients, if it marriage counseling, if it’s helping them with their children their teens or whatever it is they want to see happen, we want to be the kind of church that you can even get discounts in many of the business establishments in the Conyer’s community and area.  We don’t want to say we got members just because you come to church we want the membership to mean something, so that is the future of Effective Life Church. We are about getting results,  helping a community grow holistically, that’s what we want.

What other activity Effective Life Church offer throughout the week?

Smith – We have bible study of course on Wednesday nights. And again I remember Bishop Willey Jackson came to our church not too long ago he preached and he said “keep it fresh, keep it simple and take it back” meaning add a little old school flavor to it. We are walking by faith and I like really listening to hear God’s voice. I really tried as a young pastor, to reached out to as many pastors as I could to get help and direction and there is really no blue print for this you have to listen to the voice of God and do what he tells you to do. So I am waiting for this next big thing so when he tells me to do it I am going to do it rather it be a block party, a job fair I did not see how we were going to do that but we did it and I am just waiting to hear his voice and listen for it. I believe that is really how we are going to maximize what we are doing in the community through Effective Life Church, I am excited!

Interviewer – We are excited about what you are doing in Atlanta and the direction God is taking you and what you have accomplished in such a short time. Again, welcome to Atlanta and if there is anything Christian Reporters can do to help assist your ministry please give us a call. You can contact us on any of our social media platforms:,,,


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